While it is true that there seem to be thousands of different cases on the market there are a few things to look for when selecting one that is best for you.  First consider what you are looking for in a case.  Are you looking for maximum protection from dropping?  Are you looking for a wallet style case to house credit cards and cash?  Are you looking for a lanyard so you can be hands free?  How about a belt clip case?  It seems that cases come in what seems to be all shapes and sizes, colors and styles.  At Phone Medic we have access to just about every case you can imagine and can special order something if you’ve thought so far outside of the box that we haven’t thought of it first.  We always recommend at least dual protection when it comes to cases.  Most of our cases have a gel or rubbery interior case which is a great cushion for drops and then a rugged and durable exterior for those hard falls on pavement, cement, and rocks.  Whatever you are looking for, you’ll be sure to find a dedicated team member at our locations to discuss your options and get you on your way with the best fit for you.   

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